Open Source Mission – 开源宣教?

Check this out. Open Source Mission is an initiative to translate biblically faithful contemporary works into various languages for the equipping of the wider group of saints i.e. those in Africa, Asia. Basically it is the same goal as what I am trying to do in this blog. It’s great news that materials from Desiring God ministries, 9 marks and Sovereign Grace are going to made available in Chinese. I pray that God will use this initiative as a means to spread biblically faithful, gospel-centred materials across the world for his glory.

(HT:Agora Sg)


2 Responses to Open Source Mission – 开源宣教?

  1. Hedonese说道:

    Hey bro! Yes indeed… to make these resources accessible to the mandarin reading community, we’d need help. If anyone is willing and able, please andrew@opensourcemission dot com

  2. […] 盼望能够通过好像开源宣教之类的运动能够将更多很好的资料给予广大的华人基督徒。 […]


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