Jonathan Edwards’ prophecy – 爱德华滋的预言?

In his biography on Jonathan Edwards, George Marsden quoted Jonathan Edwards (who was apparently casting this in terms of millenial hopes) saying,” It may be hoped that then many of the Negroes and Indians will be divines, and that excellent books will be published in Africa, Ethiopia, in Turkey – and not only very learned men, but others that are more ordinary men, shall then be very knowing in religion.”


This statement is interesting in the light of the fact that there are probably far more Christians residing outside the West than it was then, when the Chrstian religion was vastly limited to the West. It is time for the East to evangelise the gospel back to the West. However, the East would need to catch up on its theological formation  compared with the West. May God make what he said then come true, that excellent books wll come up from the East, the South.



2 Responses to Jonathan Edwards’ prophecy – 爱德华滋的预言?

  1. joshua Woo说道:

    Hey, this is a good site. Now, chinese readers have more material in assisting their life journey.



  2. Hedonese说道:

    Edwards also a promoter of extraordinary prayers and intercessions for worldwide revival… even though David Bryant took it up to ‘fulfil’ it in our times, it seems that the big movement for prayer nowadays were championed by Cindy jacobs, Wagner and the spiritual warfare folks 🙂

    Maybe it’s time the heirs of Edwards spearhead it again


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